Schockemohle Equitus Beta Bridle


Schockemohle Equitus Beta Bridle

Schockemohle Equitus Beta Bridle

The Schockemohle Equitus Beta Anatomic Bridle is a fantastic design that has been created to provide the ultimate in comfort and performance for your horse.

Crafted from a high quality leather, this bridle has been carefully designed to avoid the main facial nerve, it spares important blood vessels and arteries and reduces the pressure on the horse’s neck.

The cleverly placed check pieces can be attached directly to the noseband with button rivets and thus provide the rider with an uncomplicated adjustment possibility.

A softly padded and anatomically shaped headpiece combined with a generous curved browband avoids pinching around the eyes and ears, while the new positioning of the flash strap ensures unrestricted breathing. 

The noseband on the Equitus Beta Bridle is a wider design than on the Equitus Alpha, offering a more traditional and 'classic' appearance.

Finished with smart Schockemohle branding and gorgeous crystal detailing on the browband, the Equitus Bridle is an essential piece of tack for those wanting to guarantee high levels of comfort for their horse throughout

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